Textbook Stuff

The piano was played by klodsen (youtube.com/klodsen), which was a cover of an Imogen Heap song.

I was asked to try to make a beat with it, so this is my try. It’s pretty simple.

There’s some bass in there somewhere. There’s also a few strings that come in towards the end.

Thanks again for listening.

Sample Info:
Artist: Imogen Heap
Recording: Speeding Cars
Release Year: 2005

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  • Ceezer 4 years ago
    Me and a buddy of mine rapped to this beat, check out the track on my channel it's called Joe Ceezer- Textbook Stuff Remix ft. King Luther
  • Stefen Knapp 5 years ago
    I went to school like every other kid did never had a tough life so nothing to show off with so thats when i thought i should act tough, but where the hell did that end me up? it feels like a glass box where my real personality is fucking locked up. i barely know myself and somethimes i tell myself that i should go back but where the hell is that box at? but thats ok im still young and as a young wonder i will just blunder like every other kid seek the sunshine and do a lot of shit. TBC.....
  • Rathanak Vlogs 5 years ago
    Mind if I use this? I'll give you and the producer credit when the time comes.
  • markco282 5 years ago
    mile 8 judge mediate the struggle know i got alot to joggle scrambling with cracked eggs basket one egg short of a crack head late night creep for romance damn left the condom in the jeep bitch went all beep beep dont act bouggie i use to smash you in back seat 2 am and that honda didnt have heat we was in heat a little miami around the summer time use to burn through rubbers like the brookstone brothers and leave tire'erd
  • Jerome Ateh 5 years ago
    then stop misbehaving and you should be fine
  • Right Beat Radio 5 years ago
    Thank you, Phraze. :)
  • Right Beat Radio 5 years ago
    Thank you!
  • mannygj13 5 years ago
    beautiful stuff
  • Right Beat Radio 6 years ago
    No doubt man have fun and I cant wait to hear your ideas! :)
  • Right Beat Radio 6 years ago
    That's wassup! Thanks a lot for writing me!
  • Steve Thomas 6 years ago
    Too smooth my brotha! I jammed like 4 of your videos and I ain't found one I don't like yet. #raw
  • ADMORGANVIDEOS 6 years ago
    found ur link with more of ur stuff i will pick and choice if u dont mind than do my thing i like the trax forever feels like, but there are a few nice video response but if my skills lurk out than u know miss tatoo shit will be done once more love ur style honestly i feel u..this one nice and i will hook it up i all ready know that 4 it has called me out...u understand its a feeling
  • Right Beat Radio 6 years ago
    Thanks, brother!
  • Cappah 6 years ago
    smooth shit my man
  • Right Beat Radio 6 years ago
    thanks so much for writing!
  • Right Beat Radio 6 years ago
    thank you very much!
  • Right Beat Radio 6 years ago
    Nice I cant wait man, have fun!
  • Right Beat Radio 6 years ago
    Oh yes!! And I was emailing you this evening so we can talk!! ;)
  • Jae Woody 6 years ago
    you guys just wait and see the other samples @rightbeatradio and me have coming lol
  • Beat is crazy. I'm going to write something beautiful to this
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