This song is for the young person in you.

This is a punk rock instrumental. Funky bass guitar, crazy energetic drums, and other good stuff.

“I’m too young to care.”

Enjoy yourself!

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  • Stephen AF 1 month ago
    Great for making a Rapcore song
  • Cipher Gaming 2 months ago
    Anyway to tab this?
  • P J 2 months ago
    The 18 ppl who disliked this go suck a pen*s
  • Ian A 4 months ago
  • Bluesky 5 months ago
    Im feel in love with this instrumental...
  • RaineTCG 6 months ago
    1000th like!!
  • is there a extended version that goes for 4:23 mins
  • Anthony Tony 6 months ago
    Can I buy this to use?
  • HERETICIAM 777 7 months ago
    Sweet sound of puberty
  • Punk Parasite 8 months ago
    Gr8 love it
  • Any time they send a representative in my age group with anything to do with my age group and we're under attack I wonder why they made Russell lie about beIN a herion addict .LIAR is all I can say .
  • SuzAnimal Sullivan 10 months ago
    have you guys made more? also you guys planning for a singer? or keeping instrumental?
  • SuzAnimal Sullivan 10 months ago
    I wrote a song to this too. super bad arse!!!
  • drizzho 10 months ago
    :) made something hope you all like it https://soundcloud.com/drizzho/teenage-dream
  • MC TIMMY 11 months ago
    Look up the song ghetto pop punk lovin. or delusions feat. Ari wiguna. that's me doing vocals. can i do something similar with this? ghetto pop punk lovin is not on YouTube but you will find it in google. delusions is on youtube.
  • Dizz2K7 Gaming 12 months ago
    Is this copyright free?? I want to use it in a THPS 5 video I'm making.
  • My voice in your song. Thanks for this beat. So Cool!
  • where can i lease this beat??!!
  • Notard Gaming 1 year ago
    So me and my friends write songs for our band using your instrumentals all the time, but change up the chords and drum beats, but always recommend your channel for being a huge help in the writing process. We wrote a song to this and we've all tried to think of other chords but we all feel like its just too perfect to change. We were wondering if you have an email where we would possibly be able to work out a deal where we are able to leave the beat and chords as they are. Thank you for reading, and thank you SOOOOO much for the help you've given us in the writing process.
  • Cooper Gaming 1 year ago
    Reminds me of classic Blink-182, and all those punk bands from the late 90's. Those were the best. Love this song!
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