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Right Beat Radio Teenage

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This song is for the young person in you.

This is a punk rock instrumental. Funky bass guitar, crazy energetic drums, and other good stuff.

“I’m too young to care.”

Enjoy yourself!

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MC TIMMY 3 months ago
Look up the song ghetto pop punk lovin. or delusions feat. Ari wiguna. that's me doing vocals. can i do something similar with this? ghetto pop punk lovin is not on YouTube but you will find it in google. delusions is on youtube.
Notard Gaming 5 months ago
So me and my friends write songs for our band using your instrumentals all the time, but change up the chords and drum beats, but always recommend your channel for being a huge help in the writing process. We wrote a song to this and we've all tried to think of other chords but we all feel like its just too perfect to change. We were wondering if you have an email where we would possibly be able to work out a deal where we are able to leave the beat and chords as they are. Thank you for reading, and thank you SOOOOO much for the help you've given us in the writing process.
Cooper Gaming 5 months ago
Reminds me of classic Blink-182, and all those punk bands from the late 90's. Those were the best. Love this song!
Doomed Prince 7 months ago
I was wondering if I could use this in my 'music appreciation' class presentation? I find it wonderful amd amazing. if not, thank you for making it anyways. =)
Mister Pleaser 1 year ago
Very nostaglic, as if from a 90's kid's are cool cartoon theme song. For me, it's from Zatch Bell.
Scarlet Kazuhiro 1 year ago
I love this beat, it's really energetic and everything. it might help me get the first place prize in my school's talent show as well.
ty right beat radio for your instrumental i used it and gave u credits and all that stuff.
just search toetagsandbodybags on soundcloud to fight the song
Amanda McQuade 1 year ago
I need to write a song for my English class. can I please use this and write lyrics to it?