Synthesized Minds

Synthesized Minds

(3.5/5 stars)
Right Beat Radio Synthesized Minds

This is one of the more complicated songs that I had the pleasure of working on. By the time the song was finished, we had about 40 tracks total. What a load on our system!

Anyway, this is a trap style beat that can easily pass as a Rihanna style R&B tune, or can easily be rapped to. It has a rather dark and mysterious feel to it.

Let me know what you think in the comments. Thanks for listening!

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Cory Magliette 1 year ago
this is a sound I've been looking to find for a while. just one question, where's the chorus come in? I can't quite seem to regulate that.
almightytallestred 2 years ago
Sounds impressive. Gotta listen again.

btw love the Jhonen Vasquez art for the video, suits the dark & creepy/myterious feeling
Avant-R 2 years ago
Love it man!! Great job as always. listened to all of your beats in one day and they are really freaking good. love ya and made lots of raps on many. Peace homie