What’s up? This time I’m uploading a hard synth rap instrumental.

Lots of 808 bass kicks in there and a simple, steady synth line throughout the song.

I hope you enjoy.

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  • N-Ciddy 2 years ago
    This shit is so fire man, your hooks are already industry ready material in my opinion, this is that floaty shit I look for ALL THE TIME in my instrumentals, god damn!! If you still make music I would love to see/hear what kind of material you can come up with, I mesh with this style like perfectly!
  • Michael Shortt 2 years ago
    You're the Greatest,you get it,you and my client are the next duo hmu bro
  • FouEmperor 4 years ago
    So smooth.... This shit right here is epic homie!

  • Pcorf Creations 4 years ago
    Fantastic compositions!. If only I could get hundreds of views a day on my music.
  • Ryan Xavier 4 years ago
    this is nice man
  • alvin quarshie 4 years ago
    Can I use it ?
  • alvin quarshie 4 years ago
    Sick tune
  • Agustinn 4 years ago
    Very good Man
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