Soul Music

Soul Music

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It’s a little rainy outdoors, so just a little something to relax with.

You know how soul music is.

Thanks for listening.

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Mastah Fly 6 months ago
meeeeeeeega track! deutsche soul_lyricks sollten darauf !!!!! ich gebe
mein bestes!!! ;-) :-)
Miguel Garcia 1 year ago
Can I use this song for a experimental dancing? I'm doing some visuals for a Dancing Festival in Germany, is for a great cause, and totally non commercial... is a great song dude!!
miguestanck 1 year ago
Can I use this song to sing on my own? Sorry my English is little. I'm from Argentina and I liked so much this music. Great job! Genius!
King Vis 2 years ago
This just inspired me to do something similar, keep the good work! Kinda sounds like Musiq Soulchild's "Just Friends".
Darcelle Wright 2 years ago
can i use this plz its my first time time wrting a song and i would love to write a song on this, and if i get the chance i will record it and shear it with you xox
Jay Frink 2 years ago
Can I use this song for my website for class? I'm doing a soul food restaurant, but the restaurant isn't real. 
Ángel Ruiz 2 years ago
Hey! I just used this amazing beat for a song. It'd be included on my new mixtape (non-profit), I hope u don't mind! I'll give u credit.

Thanks u, keep goin, amazin work!
Nada Gamble 2 years ago
Hey I love this! I write a little poetry and I sometimes sing them over instrumentals like this and I wanted to know if it's ok for me to use this in a video?
Smiley 2 years ago
This beat is amazing, im feeling it so hard, reminds me of a cold wet winters night in London being locked up inside all nice and warm kicked back and chillin !!