So Fly!

So Fly!

(2/5 stars)
Right Beat Radio So Fly!

Here’s a fun, bouncy and upbeat hip hop or R&B beat with a very synthy sound. This one makes my head nod!

There are hook vocals that come in that say:

She’s so, got it going on so sexy.

Got it going on so fly.

She say she got it all together.

Think I’m gonna make her mine.

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Dusty Robertson 1 year ago
if I give you credit can I use it?? I will also send you a link when im Dont with it if not I can find a way to pay you.
meya ray 2 years ago
Hello, can i download this beat somewhere, i would love it in my playlist, keep up the good work
SoundArtProjekt 2 years ago
Year - modern Hip Hop with great Beat and many R & B - I like it - nice Song - nice day & peace