Smile For Me

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Right Beat Radio Smile For Me

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Smile. It confuses people.

This is a bouncy electric guitar instrumental. This one feels good.


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Matthew Lowe 3 years ago
Hey man, just wanted to show you the song I made to your beat. Gave you full credit and didn't make any profit of it. Just made it for fun. Hope you like it.

F@ Boy - NextToMe
Elliot Burnstein 3 years ago
This such a great way ta start a day!!! Bowl in tha bong, coffee in my cup, an this song jammin!!! Today gonna bea good day!!!!
Elliot Burnstein 3 years ago
Amazin jam!!!! Ive been writein all mornin!!!! Good ta hear a lil positivity in tha negative world of today!!! So glad i found an subscribed!!!! Cant wait 4 tha nxt!!!! Much 303 luv brudda!!
Posted a video response to a track I did to it. Used it for one of my Daily 16's I'm doing. Credited you. Maybe you'll get a little traffic from it! Well done production fam. Lemme know what you think!
TheUndesirable1 3 years ago
Yeah it's been a while since I've seen a smile, taking me back to when I was a child, back when we were so healthy and wild free spirits in the breeze our lives not on trial but now I see your hurt and it hurts my eyes askin myself why you have to cry pointing my view to the sky sick and tired of bein told to try