She Said You Wish

Enjoy and thanks again for listening.

Hip Hop R&BDJ Scratches Drum Break Rhodes Piano Vocals Synth Lead Synth StringsChill Dreamy Laid Back Mellow Romantic Sexy
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  • vistacruiser70s 4 years ago
    Rhodes sounds fake, how come?
  • Right Beat Radio 5 years ago
    @raymondknights haha thanks!
  • Right Beat Radio 5 years ago
    @teunzeist Thank you!
  • Right Beat Radio 5 years ago
    @LatinoAmexicanoTime Yo I checked it out and approved. Thanks a lot! Haha that made me laugh, but it's all about having fun and getting your message across. I dig that, keep it up Tragik!
  • @RightBeatRadio Hey Bro i just Posted the response video. i am TRAGIKLOVEMUSIC this is my new account doe,, =D hope u like u like it man Happy Valentines.
  • Right Beat Radio 5 years ago
    @TragikLoveMusic That's exactly what u should do man! Hope she likes it :) Good luck brother
  • Mike Jones 5 years ago
    Damn Bro this beat is nic can i use it to do a small song for a special lady?
  • Right Beat Radio 5 years ago
    @DurhamDoesMakeup How unique would that be! I would love that, I never envisioned the music behind a makeup commercial but I can totally see this. I hope it works for you and I really appreciate you reaching out to me. Feel free to edit and rearrange the song how you see fit. Thanks again and good luck with everything!
  • Right Beat Radio 5 years ago
    @medamissles1 That's great man, take your time. ;)
  • Dope Diggler 5 years ago
    @RightBeatRadio alright i'll tell you bout the finished product in about two weeks
  • Right Beat Radio 6 years ago
    @medamissles1 Hey thanks a lot for commenting. That's great you like that, and please use this for your needs. I appreciate it!
  • Dope Diggler 6 years ago
    cold product i would like to use it. dk if someone else asked but i just did
  • Right Beat Radio 6 years ago
    @djDMANCQ That's perfect my man. I'm glad you're into that!
  • djDMANCQ 6 years ago
    My Kind Of Music ,Man This is Awsome...
  • Right Beat Radio 6 years ago
    @wickedone11 Haha I really appreciate that wicked! I love that you're listening :D
  • Right Beat Radio 6 years ago
    @MCAJOfficial Hey thanks a lot for the feedback! Just a bit confused, this was put together the standard way. I know I can make some weird arrangements sometimes. I can try to get my arranging more organized to help you in your writing process. Thanks again, your help is much appreciated! P.S., if there's any way I can arrange this different for you, maybe I can move some parts around to fit the format of your song. Just reach out to me and I can try my best. :)
  • מתן אורן 6 years ago
    you have beats that very very beatifull but i want to give you advice... do sometimes beats with a regular Structure i mean like this: open (verse 1 (16 lines Chorus (verse 2 (16 lines something like this that allows me and others to create songs that sound better
  • Right Beat Radio 6 years ago
    @jusfaso Give it a go if u can jus.... ;) Thanks
  • Right Beat Radio 6 years ago
    @Brainiacbwk Thanks I really would like to hear someone do something. Anything lol. Thanks though man
  • Patrick Lopez 6 years ago
    yes yes
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