Shades of Blue

Cut up a sample, used a few other techniques I dreamed up along the way. And this is what turned out.

Happy Holidays. Enjoy!

Sample Info:
Recording: Kind of Blue
Release Year: 1959

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  • xxInGodsReachxx 4 months ago
    Really love the instrumentals you guys put out! Working on a 7 track EP right now and just want to know what I need to do to use the tracks. Can I buy them anywhere or how does the leasing work?
  • Resa Swork 5 months ago
    A groovy blue from you, Mike! Luv this. Hope you are having a fab holiday season! -Resa
  • Lobo Senior 5 months ago
    It’s unbelievable classic style and sound
  • Very nice. I like beats like this because they remind me the music on toonami.
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