Second Sunday

It’s been a while since I told my mom how much I appreciate her. I’ll be giving her a call on Sunday.

I made this song for Mother’s Day. Write a song for your mom this year.

Hip HopAcoustic Piano Sound FX Synth Synth StringsBright Funky Thoughtful Festive90-99 bpm
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  • Mc Flo 4 years ago
    Wow! that was creative, the calling part. Likes
  • Elliot Burnstein 4 years ago
    My mom a single mom in tha hospital.. So havein an avenue ta tell her tha love i got 4 her is nice!!! Its dope a prod. honor mothers day as well!! Much love an a prosperous future my brudda!!
  • Johnny Nawatani 4 years ago
    Thanks man
  • Right Beat Radio 4 years ago
    Of course you can. She'll like that. :)
  • Right Beat Radio 4 years ago
    Thanks so much, Ben!
  • Right Beat Radio 4 years ago
    Thank you! Yes, it's free to use as long as you credit Right Beat Radio for the music. Have fun!
  • Johnny Nawatani 4 years ago
    Ohhhhhhh man can I use this to thank mah mother
  • Ben Weller 4 years ago
    Great video! Check it out in the Music Video Network! Upload, Share & Connect with other musicians and music lovers in the social network for musicians, :) @BenWeller100
  • Angelo Minaya 4 years ago
    Am in love with this beat bro. Is this beat for free use bro
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