Saturday Soul

Some warm piano soul on this cold saturday evening. Enjoy.

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  • Damani Dummett 1 year ago
    Yoo!This is fresh air to my ears... Beautiful
  • really chill! I love soul and jazz hop stuff. Mad at
  • Honda PreludeBB6 3 years ago
    This is beautiful man. Great beat
  • anything good 3 years ago
    your arrangement has a lot of hooks, the next bar is always exciting to's just the best i've heard so far. really keep it up man. you have some magic in you.
  • Jody Rule 3 years ago
    Big big track. Bless my inbox bro, [email protected] and I promise something epic in return. Happy new yr. I'm gonna get u n I working together, or u n borrowedbeats by theacousticcouch... Bless
  • AssCandid 3 years ago
    Lol ignore that dude, ignorance is bliss.

    You keep coming from different angles with your beats & its great, don't take in his feedback & keep up the good work

    I'd love some kicks on this though ;)
  • trevon geohaghon 3 years ago
    Rubbish your works getting worse. You need to get back up.
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