Been slackin’ on my Rock instrumentals lately. So I spent some time and put together this song called STATIC.

I get kinda weird with sound effects sometimes.

Let me know what you think.

As always, thanks for listening.

Experimental RockBass Guitar Electric Guitar Live Drums Sound FX Synth Synth PadLofi Strange120-129 bpm
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  • Angel Feathers 6 months ago
    can I use this for a song and link you in it bro?  love this
  • Angel Feathers 9 months ago
    can you double the length bro? very interested insuring this as a song . if your interested . appreciate it bro . love the work .
  • how much for lease/exclusive? really interested in this n others you have
  • ansh gautam 1 year ago
    it was simple n inspiring,felt kind of emotional hearing to it,thnks for sharing..cheers!!
  • J.Daniels 1 year ago
    Bro I used your instrumental for one song, i included your youtube channel on description. I hope there isn´t any problem^^
  • dowland
  • beatsbydiemond 2 years ago
    how can i use this beat.
  • Andres Cosmos 2 years ago
    se puede usar ?
  • TheKyleStyles 2 years ago
    You should make a beat with some Kellin Quinn samples!
  • GIOD 2 years ago
    Good Work-! <3
  • D.i.n BEATS ღ 2 years ago
    Sounds nice ! Great work quite inspiring fam ♫