Right Side

I found this old vinyl sample that I had, so I chopped it up. I had 16 pieces to work with and I used about 4 of them.

This beat is simple. There are no fancy change ups or effects.

I’m not sure how the mix sounds; I never really listened to it outside of my house. So take it as it comes.

There is a male vocal sample in the hook. The beat is very repetitive but maybe someone can use this.

Thanks for listening.

Hip Hop Underground Hip Hop FreestyleSample ViolinLaid Back Repetitive Simple90-99 bpm
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  • Brainiac BWK 5 years ago
    yea i definitely feel that i might try to lay down something on here real dope i love simple beats as well
  • Right Beat Radio 5 years ago
    Word man thanks a lot! I cant wait to hear what you're workin on! Thanks my man!
  • Right Beat Radio 5 years ago
    Cool man yeah this kind of thing is great. Its cool to limit yourself sometimes and try to work with minimal sounds. It's like forcing yourself to try to be creative. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Thanks man!
  • Right Beat Radio 5 years ago
    Yes they do, that's what I'm hoping can happen. I love simple beats, you know? So we'll see!
  • jody rule 5 years ago
    ahhhhh man, startin to think your just on a wind up now ;)
  • Brainiac BWK 5 years ago
    lryics hide repitition....
  • Brainiac BWK 5 years ago
    this is dope exactly what ive been doin lately props
  • Loaneski 5 years ago
    This reminds me of a pete rock instrumental for some reason... even if it is a looped this is sick! im defo guna b using this! once agen keep it up man!!!
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