Red Lights

Red Lights

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Right Beat Radio Red Lights

Here’s a fresh and original piano instrumental with a deep sub bass. If your speakers can’t handle lows like this then you probably won’t be able to hear them very well. But trust me, the bass is there.

There’s a synth lead and a string that comes in. There are also harps and a timpani that hit at the beginning of every few bars that give more power to the piano when it strikes.


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Right Beat Radio 4 years ago
Hey Tracuer, I can try my best. I try to do different things all the time, so I will try to focus more on an upbeat thing for a bit. Thanks a lot, your feedback really helps!
Andrew Smith 4 years ago
Damn dude these are pretty chill beats i cant even pick which one is my favorite anymore. You got some true talent here bro. I would enjoy if you would post a bit more up beat melody. Other than that great content as usual.