Playing With Fire

Lately I’ve been placed on several projects that have tested the very limits of my creativity and arrangement skills. I’ve been asked to do things that are becoming increasingly complex and difficult.

I’ve been so busy lately that it’s been hard to find time to just create music that has no purpose, but simply for my enjoyment. So when I got a bit of free time over the holiday, I decided to use that time to practice a few vocal and automation techniques that I’ve been having to use lately on some projects.

So this song was purely done as a learning exercise and no other reason but to test my own skill and see if I could come up with something creative and fun from a few sounds that I had.

So I hope you enjoy!

PopAcoustic Piano Bowed Strings Synth Pad Vocals Synth Bass Synth LeadDreamy Enthusiastic Upbeat Excited Fun130-139 bpm
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  • jody rule 4 years ago
    again fab stuff... been workin hard too, broken heart thing i throew up earlier let me know wot ya think... mite actually get round to doing something proper in time with it
  • Sola 4 years ago
    nice one man,big fan of your work. keep it up.
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