Play the Game

It’s me again, and I’m back today with another cool hip hop instrumental.

I’ve been working with pianos a lot lately, and this time is no different.

No special effects in this song, only a fairly straight-forward arrangement, with the verse sections varying slightly. There is a bridge-like section after the second hook, where the beat breaks down and then comes back in.

There’s some bass in there, so watch out.

I hope you enjoy!

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  • jody rule 4 years ago
    you only play this game cos u got something ridin on it u hold ya cards close to your chest your a master class like in a game of chess you revel in it, in it but this aint the game of life, is it with every move your makin i see the real u raisin stakes true colours shinin thru n i never thought id see the day youd consider thowin it all away guess pick ya piece lets end this shame play the game
  • Chris byrne 4 years ago
    yeah the high hats have some weight to them
  • Cheyenne Migwans 4 years ago
    OHHH SHIIIT keep doing them hype beats, All hip hop All day. @MyNameSyntax
  • Johnny Nawatani 4 years ago
    Love this I like the cymbals boom Boom Boom
  • Chris byrne 4 years ago
    Really love that hi clap man
  • LBLAZETV1 4 years ago
    still waiting on that email recorded to this one as well
  • Lenn Will 4 years ago
  • Cap Crunch 4 years ago
  • Sick man! Mike you make me love this shit keep up the good work
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