Paris House

What’s up! This beat started as a Mos Def remix that I worked on. So the scratches in the beginning actually mention Mos Def.

Anyway, I purposely kept this simple and straight forward. A very mellow rhodes piano and some other bits.


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  • Vicion uVe 1 year ago
    I can use the 'll give credits
  • HEMIY 2 years ago
    can I use this?
  • Chiccote's Beats 2 years ago
    i love it <3
  • Stefano Döring 2 years ago
    Hey! do you know which Drum Pack you used for this song?
    I can't find anything like that.
  • Michael Lynch 2 years ago
    v nice mayn
  • Theinfamy93 2 years ago
    this beat is fire! i love them rhodes and drumbs. im tryna learn how too use rhodes too get sounds like this ! and good bass guitar on point!
  • EnsoUnoTV 3 years ago
    Yo dawg, 4 am here.. still in the studio..I'm about to finish my first official CD, i destroyed this beat, thanks a lot for all your work and support, this shit's gonna be bumped worldwide.. peace fella

    Enso One
  • hello friend thanks for making this possible ... We have Come out with this ... :)
  • Blimel Oficial 3 years ago
    I did a music video with one of your beats. It has over 1400 views on a week. I put you on initial and final credits. Thanks for your amazing beats. 

    The video is the last one on my channel if you wanna see it.

    Have a nice day. 
  • juarez3ugr 3 years ago
    I knew right beat radio before I became "famous".
    Great work as always. Smooth.
  • These headphones look good ^^ Chill beat btw
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