Open 24 Hours

Open 24 Hours

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Right Beat Radio Open 24 Hours

This is another fairly simple beat. There’s a steady bell pad going in the back that gives it a bit of a sinister feel. The bass is a funky saw style tone.

There’s a flute that comes in for the hook along with some strings. There’s also a very faint organ that comes in during the verse sections as well as the hook.

The verse’s are all pretty similar as well as the hook sections. The last verse is a bit longer since the bell pad drops out for a few bars.


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jody rule 4 years ago
you liked then :P joke... but it was freestyled so ... and the other two on the track were so shocked they were awful! ha...
Right Beat Radio 4 years ago
Hey, thank you for writing me! You may absolutely use this beat! Good luck with everything and thank you! :)
Tawera MacMillan 4 years ago
Man honestly, this beat is the freshest one ive ever heard on youtube. The bass is crisp and i love this ish bro. Mind if i use this instrumental for a track bruv? i'll give you credit and all that man :) one love, keepit up.
jody rule 4 years ago
no laughin at me trying to spit lol... i was mash and i am a singer i know this haaaaaaaaaaaa but hope it puts smiles on faces the the kick n grin of musicsoundcloud. com/jodyrule/open-24-7-freestyle-right
wikispikis 4 years ago
Hi, Mike. Can i use this beat for a music video? I can give you a shoutout on my facebook fanpage and put you in the description box of the uploaded video. Have a great day! :)
Right Beat Radio 4 years ago
Which, the second Acoustics album? That's coming hopefully in the next month or two. Also working on the Weekday tracks. Thanks, Chris!