One, Two

I love that classic sound of hip hop.

Check out this simple yet flavorful, hard-hitting, loop splitting hip hop tune.

No new school for this one.

Thank you for listening!

Hip Hop Underground Hip HopAcoustic Piano DJ Scratches Vocals SampleChill Laid Back Lofi Mellow Repetitive Simple90-99 bpm
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  • i will use this beat and will put some lyrics on it. hope you won't get angry, i'll give the credits to you of course. Take care. J.C from Argentina.
  • tim liles 2 years ago
    Currently taking a 2 minute break from writing to this instrumental just to comment and let you know that you did a fantastic job with this one! Keep bringing more like these to the table, I would love to throw together a mixtape using just your beats! Salute Brotha!
  • geopowerr 2 years ago
    whats name of original hip hop ?
  • Raul Brown 2 years ago
    I use that beat on a song, It´s a insane beat,if you like to check my song you are welcome to my channel. Big up!
  • Pablo Pérez 3 years ago
    Love your work man !! Old School, real hip hop... Fiew people make this type of instrumentals in the right way. Keep on working !
  • ivan cruces 3 years ago
    I can use this instrumental? It's perfect! I'm spanish, when finish this project, i send the track
  • Like a lime 3 years ago
    I dont know why but i feel very nostalogic when listening to this :'o
  • 714xelexbe 4 years ago
    may i use this dope ass instrumental .. 
  • Diekz 4 years ago
    this is perfect!
  • jude obreiter 4 years ago
    oh my. you do an amazing job. i would love to credit you if used. keep it up !!
  • Xoski 4 years ago
    Oyeee esta intrumental es de uso libre? 

    forgive this instrumental is free to use? 
  • Abid Abdelaziz 4 years ago
    Such a smooooth flow, glides like feathers 
  • novatostone 4 years ago
    hello friend I can use this instrumental for an album that'll take
  • 4 years ago
    Nice work always a fan of the old school type stuff you do
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