Olive Experimentals

Thanks for being my lab rats while I experiment a little with a few sounds and some new techniques.

Rhodes piano, organ, synth bass, several different synth tones, break beat, sound effects, and some other stuff.

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  • Resa Swork 8 months ago
    What do I know, except this is so ..... serious ...or v.o. school, relaxed groovy, and I luv it!
  • Real Team Beats 8 months ago
    Keep it up!
  • JACK REMIX 8 months ago
    so nice ;)
  • Sounds like an instrumental for a movie scene mike. Where did you get the picture? I like it.
    PS: keep experimenting stuff i find it interesting.. see ya.
  • Punzadas Onescan 8 months ago
  • Fymega 8 months ago
    Yo Mike, what the hell is happening? This is so detailed and awesome again! The shimmering keys balance themselves perfectly with the rugged drums und droning bassline, the slightly hidden synthline on the left is wonderful, the synth-leads that come in from time to time are catchy as all hell, and the field recordings in the background are awesome as well, gives the whole thing a more tangible atmosphere. You're really on a roll, I like this even more than Peach Macadamia! Can't wait for the next one!
  • CSKrow 1 8 months ago
    Whoa. .
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