Old Soul

It’s me again, this time with an older sounding, lower quality soul instrumental. I’ve been sitting on this one, very hesitant to upload for you all.

There is a lot more going on here than it seems. This was put together with lots of bits and pieces. The drums were the toughest thing to put together, and I’m still not fully pleased with how they turned out.

Anyway, the main melody was done with a keyboard, providing that old-school feel. This was backed by a funky bass line and a few female vocals here and there. The verse sections are very minimal, with only the bass going and a synth pad “slicer” effect. Weird stuff, but I thought it sounded cool. You can be the judge of that.

I’m not happy with the mix on this, but frankly a bit tired of working on this song. So, take this as-is.

Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy!

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  • Oh Man! I enjoyed this song so much years ago... In fact, i wrote a song with it but i deleted it. If my memory is back i'll make something to recorded and send it to you one day mike.
    Meanwhile i'm still improoving my english though..
    What was your day like?
  • patrick bora 4 years ago
    Dear rightbeat radio my name is ricky aka patrick.I was wondering if can use this beat to write on it and record it?? And you can check my stuff YouTube/mobpatrick
  • I wrote a song to this, check it out on my channel
  • Right Beat Radio 4 years ago
    I appreciate it, armstrong chick. :) x
  • Right Beat Radio 4 years ago
    Thank you!
  • Right Beat Radio 4 years ago
    I'm contractually unable to sample anything anymore, unfortunately. But I can do something like that! :)
  • Right Beat Radio 4 years ago
    I laughed out loud! Thanks brother.
  • Right Beat Radio 4 years ago
    Go for it! Thank you! xx
  • This is good stuff man. Keep it up.
  • Nice work!
  • willchase03 4 years ago
    Anyway you can make an Aaliyah sample hip-hop beat
  • Martwan Gunter 4 years ago
    Welp, you know what I'm doing lol
  • Joy Joelle 4 years ago
    Nice! I'd love to write to this!! Xx
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