Nothing 2 Hold On To

Hey my friends, thanks for being so patient with me.

I thought I’d share this idea I had. It’s a very simple but deep and sort of eerie piano beat.

Lauren Aquilina hooked us up with the vocals and piano.


Sample Info:
Recording: Square One
Release Year: 2013

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  • J KHiLaH 11 months ago
    Staring at the mirror in a battle for character to set up, they say the more pain your in the more wisdom you will develop, I fit in to ally ways and paved ways of foggy trails, on trial in search for victory knowing im known to fail, being seduced by the seductive, currupted by bitter judgement, within the midst of us suffering, im instructed they're will be justice, surrounded by evil beings being tormented by demons, screaming just leave me and please believe me you need me to feed you... starve to death...
  • 2k11ro 1 year ago
    just sat here a wrote a whole song about the situation I'm currently going thru pain the pain I'm feeling hopefully I could record it within a week
  • JesusSaves NYC 1 year ago
  • J.Daniels 2 years ago
    ¿Puedo usarla para un tema?
  • William Heredia 2 years ago
    true talent this beat speaks to my true emotions rn
  • Aldo Giovanni 2 years ago
    porque ya no sacas beat?
  • Jameson Giamo 2 years ago
    is this beat for sale?
  • Sad boy mx 2 years ago
    It is free to use , say for a instrumetal?
  • Mike Byrne Jr 2 years ago
    "pops on his death bed wow mom's going crazy now head down my feet barely on solid ground/MIA for a minute now writers block damn finally I broke out still asking why like how / did this all happen to us im making a fuss well deserved my heart's been crushed/is it karma possibly these tears are finally feeling a lot of me they keep me guessing like im playing the lottery/ny state of mind i always gotta be/ on my toes happy again, I wanna be/probly need counseling instead I keep bouncing and pouncing smoking way more than an ounce and/still I'm still hurting and still we still hurting my family ain't what it used to be and that's certain trying too hard for the smile on my face but honestly it's been a while," Mike Burners
  • Kev TheKid 2 years ago
    can I use for non commercial purposes?
  • JAMbosco 2 years ago
    Oh shit, i'm allways falling in love with you little big beings!! Oh yeah thats soul! Thanks !!
  • PeaceAndMusicDA 2 years ago
    please email me. i just finished w the military. getting back to music. i want to buy this beat w hook. i recently lost my daughter and going thru tough times w my soul mate. i need this beat. thanks
    [email protected]
  • 1Bogdan Music 2 years ago
  • Brainiac BWK 2 years ago
    Dope stuff brotha keep it up
  • juarez3ugr 2 years ago
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