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Right Beat Radio Noble

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I put together this little chill hip hop track. Very simple, really short thing.

Nothing much to it, just some mellow stuff. Little vocal clip at the end. Use if you like.

Thanks for listening.

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Resa Swork 4 months ago
I adore this and all your work, Mike. Seems I don't get to YTube enough!
Fymega 6 months ago
Very, very nice, reminds me a bit of some older beats of yours. Could fit snuggly on your Twenty Plus Twelve tape a few years ago, but it's a bit more detailed in the production.

I think that you could play a bit more with your bass notes, though. They sounded nice, but not a lot was happening. I think some runs would have sounded nice on this as well.
JMW3 Sol 6 months ago
My favorite one as of rn. Great job with the beats this year bro. You're fucking amazing!