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Right Beat Radio Nature

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This is a dark and grimy instrumental. The piano and the drums are both low-fi, adding to the tape-deck quality of the track.

Very basic but great as a dark rap beat.

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Jay Plugg 3 months ago
really like this beat, can I use it non-profit? And of course give you credit
Jason and his Argonauts,
across the bar we see some broads
who rocking halter tops,
but they can never halt our flocks,
birds of a feather, change deserts to oasis
for our own sated pleasures,
never stagnant just packing them in,
live so close to the edge I may die from the
wind, slight push to the abyss of corruption,
Prince of the nothing meeting chicks inside
the dungeons talking about human rights,
but who unites, men and woman together
under the efforts of noble goal, Mic Si,
bitch, why stand opposed,
bow to the crown, feel the arrow from the drow,
frost backed inside the quill, death comes to the now.
Can't deny me, the prophetic enlightening,
image that is reciting, the premise of giving life back
to the Pisces,
disconnection to the mother and the father,
the Augur, of the stars, the carpenter of the bars,
the salvager of the marred bodies and dreams,
that you will discard, put it back to piece,
as I take them all to feast, never dreaming of a beach,
less I'm lying with a Sheik, playing harps and melodies,
lullabies - make me sleep, Ocarina on a Seat,
Princess of Trinity,
Link I'm Not and She I'm not so I must be the enemy,
Triforce that fights force, must rely frenemies,
Add that to the dictionary - why I fuck her missionary.
I never trust a bitch cause they shall put me in obituary,
so I stay close, to my ego, put it on fully lethal,
drug them with the zero, puns for the funds, how come
I'm placebo, making them feel like they loss all control,
but really, that's the flow, now you know....
How do you show a blind person how to see,
how do you show a slave to become free?
how do you show AFRAID to become me.
Gabriel Pereyra 1 year ago
I'm really amazed on this beat! it made me create the most powerfull lyric i've ever made! Thank You So Much
Zena Gore 3 years ago! Great! Love this beat, such a great feeling, it gives so much inspiration for writing! Thanks! Epic! :D I'll use it (non-commercial) and sure I'll give u credits! Love your work, I also subscribed! :)
Ka Livin 3 years ago
I've been looking for a way out of this place now, can't even find it, ya can't see me lying, kamakazi a lion, i'm still standing with pride in my fork, food for thought pass the trident. shoot me down like snipers on a lil wayne pimp blimp and firing- gaseous massiveness in the atmospheres at most fear- only yourself who else is holding ya world- in the palm of their hand, palm of ya hand, hand downs now, let go and flow. yo.