This is a dark and grimy instrumental. The piano and the drums are both low-fi, adding to the tape-deck quality of the track.

Very basic but great as a dark rap beat.

Hip Hop Rap Underground Hip HopAcoustic Piano Choir Voices SynthDark Gloomy Grimy Lofi Mysterious Serious Simple Strange90-99 bpm
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  • Katana 3 months ago
    REAL & ILL
  • Angelic Melody 3 months ago
    Can i use this track? I will not make any profits from it and ill credit you for this track..
  • Daniel Trudeau 4 months ago
    Did Terror Reid sample this in his song UPPERCUTS?
  • Jay Gonzales 9 months ago
    really like this beat, can I use it non-profit? And of course give you credit
  • Kredone 11 months ago
    This is just amazing
  • Piss Heads 1 year ago
    This was made with an iOS app...
  • man you just stuck everything i like in a song and shoved it all together and it works...
  • Gabriel Pereyra 2 years ago
    I'm really amazed on this beat! it made me create the most powerfull lyric i've ever made! Thank You So Much
  • LerLoons 3 years ago
  • Harry Parkes 3 years ago
    who the hell disliked this?!!
  • Zena Gore 4 years ago! Great! Love this beat, such a great feeling, it gives so much inspiration for writing! Thanks! Epic! :D I'll use it (non-commercial) and sure I'll give u credits! Love your work, I also subscribed! :)
  • Ka Livin 4 years ago
    I've been looking for a way out of this place now, can't even find it, ya can't see me lying, kamakazi a lion, i'm still standing with pride in my fork, food for thought pass the trident. shoot me down like snipers on a lil wayne pimp blimp and firing- gaseous massiveness in the atmospheres at most fear- only yourself who else is holding ya world- in the palm of their hand, palm of ya hand, hand downs now, let go and flow. yo.
  • Jon Reed 4 years ago
    Look up Nujabes
  • Oh jeez, this is a definite favourite right here.
  • Kooper Smith 4 years ago
    this is dope. what are other songs like this ?
  • Artz Lyricist 4 years ago
    nice I might have ta drop some bars on this one to
  • Martwan Gunter 4 years ago
    As usual (y)
  • KIDWIT574 4 years ago
  • Louie B 4 years ago
    nice work man, very dark vibes too :P
  • on some Mobb Deep shit...nice beat
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