Move Something Remix

This is the instrumental I made to a Talib Kweli remix of the “Move Something” song.

I won’t be posting the remix due to legal reasons, but I hope you enjoy the instrumental!

Thanks for listening.

Hip Hop RapAcoustic Piano Drum Break Percussion Synth Synth LeadBright Enthusiastic Optimistic90-99 bpm
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  • Definitely this is my favourite style of you mike. This the real stuff for me. JC is back!🙋 haha.
    See ya mike.
    PS: well.. actually i really like the song, that's it.
    PSS: i enjoyed most of your work mike.
    JC out!🙋
  • juarez3ugr 2 years ago
    Critics raved it nice out of nice
    Mute Sick said don't mute this track
  • J Means 3 years ago
    This is tight instrumental
  • DJ M3M1 3 years ago
    this is indeed the Right Beat
  • ProducerOmari 3 years ago
    Dope man!