Moon Walkers

Moon Walkers

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I built this beat around a short acoustic sample by José González – “This Is How We Walk On The Moon”.

I had a ton of fun making this beat and I hope someone out there enjoys it.

Thanks for all the support!


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Resa Swork 4 months ago
Creepy and interesting... much like most of today's world. Keep on keeping on! I'm finally on t how to follow on YouTube!
dude....... that's one twisted, domented, some kinda crooked video!!! I couldn't stop watching!!!!! like a bad car wreck that you feel compelled to look at in all its mangled mess...... or a hot Britney Spears who makes us love her even more when she caught the fruitloop train! lol. I loved it man! great work!
JMW3 Sol 6 months ago
I love your beats..may I use some for my project I'm working on