Mato Grosso

A friend sent me some nice Brazilian music and asked if I could turn it into some hip hop for him. It isn’t perfect, but I tried. 🙂

Thanks for your continued support!

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  • channel gliza 4 years ago
    dope, liked, and subscribed. we should work together.
  • Right Beat Radio 5 years ago
    Oh yeah I'd love to listen! Thanks for writing!
  • Jonathan Wilson 5 years ago
    Not too bad, not too bad at all. I should show you a sample I mixed up and see how you like it!
  • Right Beat Radio 5 years ago
    @bacalavidaloca haha thanks i appreciate that! :D
  • Right Beat Radio 5 years ago
    @djDMANCQ Thank you so much man!
  • djDMANCQ 5 years ago
    Master piece You Are Awsome!!!!
  • root niq 5 years ago dig out your own style which is sick man. I would crash my PC before I compose that guitar I don't know how to set it in fl ;) bigz up
  • Right Beat Radio 5 years ago
    @FeSeleghin I really really appreciate you introducing me to that music. And those two guys are very talented! Thanks man :))
  • Right Beat Radio 5 years ago
    @Brainiacbwk Man I had such a hard time with it! if u could believe that lol.. you know i tried though. i still have it, i'll try again :) thanks!!
  • Brainiac BWK 5 years ago
    fuckin sick bro what happen to the sample i sent ya?