I’m back after a week long break with this crazy hip hop instrumental.

Great pianos, cool choir voices, funky backup synth lead, and some hard hitting drums.

Hope you like!

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  • Dylan Brooks 3 months ago
    Simply bad ass!!
  • Michael Turgeon 4 months ago
    can I buy this beat
  • M. SHVRP 5 months ago
    Y'all can stop writing to this if you've started, 'cause it's too late at this point. I'm going to fuck it up a bit 🤘
  • M. SHVRP 5 months ago
    I fuck with this so hard!!!!! Such a good beat.
    Mind if I use it?
  • Demoney Records 5 months ago
    can I sell my song with this beat?
  • reality 7 months ago
    i paint a picture with a lyric
    as im giving you a vivid image
    of the way im living
    in about 3 minuets
    a rappers work is never finished
    always keeping busy
    getting dizzy sticky green got me feeling like a hippy
    im a picky bloke
    keep going down a slippy slope
    but i never sit and mope
    i just sit and hope
    like to have a giggle and a witty joke
    sitting sipping liquor with a little smoke
    on a sinking boat as im thinking loads
    im the dude that you find in the background
    life is a thing that ive never had my head fully wrapped round
    living in a crap town
    covered by a black cloud
    bringing you the vibes with this rap sound
  • T F 8 months ago
    Low key bang
  • Mayen mc 1 year ago
    puedo hacer un tema con esta pista ?
  • wowwwwww, i wrote my best freestyle lyrics about maths with this! Great!
  • Amateratsu9Ko 1 year ago
    Are these free? May I use this?
  • fammi uno gnò gnò
  • Nate Uchiha 1 year ago
  • Justin Nado 1 year ago
    yeah i wonder if twiztid paid for this
  • This helps more than school
  • Franky Fazz 1 year ago
    Que clase de musica ,que concepto ,de los mejores y mas sencillos beat que e escuchado ,gracias
  • Steven Hancock 1 year ago
    shit kid this is twisted, bare knuckles scarred and gifted. rotten in the middle, locked and riddled with sickness. it's the end game, positive movements attack the grime, helicopter blades scapegoats and lime. the bodies pile up disposed corpses reek for miles. the bell rings, into the flames we walk our guns of hire. barren my dreams have become, with blacked out visions of the sun. my soul is cursed, thick stained leather dries as a tight tourniquet. the dead laugh as they tear at our feet but the actions of the few repel this bloody tournament. so with caution we wonder so the guilt can't hunt us, Charles mason knife parties and ball gag bondage. split the throat ear to ear, a smile for all seasons of the year. shake yourself awake it's time rise, the death of the light is soon and bright
  • hmmmm...funky yet elegant. Tip my hat to you sir or madam.
  • Is thid copyrighted? I want yo use it and I will give credits
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