This instrumental could go either the rhythm and blues route, or lean more towards hip hop. Whatever direction you choose to take it in.

It’s pretty synthy and has a nice melody to it.

Hope you like!

Hip Hop R&BPercussion Synth Synth Pad Conga Synth LeadCalm Chill Dreamy Laid Back Romantic80-89 bpm
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  • WhiteWolfNLD 3 years ago
    is this music free to use in montages i could use this really good in a part of my upcoming montage haha youre really talented man god bless artists like you
  • Chris Moles 3 years ago
    I could see Wiz Khalifa or Curren$y rip this beat.
  • some sounds in the back reminds me hollywood divorce. Dope and chill ;)
  • BURNZY187 3 years ago
    another great beat brotha , respect 
  • Martwan Gunter 3 years ago
    I'd been waiting on you to give me something to write to lol
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