Lose Control

Lose Control

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Right Beat Radio Lose Control

Using Logic one day, I accidentally stumbled onto a strange effect that occurred by turning a certain knob. This knob was clearly not intended for this purpose, but depending on how fast it was turned, it unexpectedly altered the sound.

It created a sound similar to rubbing a vinyl record. So I went ahead and mapped this effect to one of my MPK pots.

Amazed at what just happened, I sat down and decided to make a quick beat. This was nothing more than me just playing around.

Sometimes things just happen by accident…

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Prairie Dogg 2 years ago
i find that some of my best instrumentals just happen out of no where as well. Just go in with a open mind and nothing planned and bam! nice work!  
Melisk8 2 years ago
Buenisimo, hommie, nice smooth shit, un abrazo rbr, peace !!!
Frank B. 2 years ago
And sometimes accidents pay off, teach certain lessons... make you embrace spontaneous decisions with outcomes that come out with riveting effects, like this gem. real world examples that total control isn't always best or necessary in fact it limits imagination to the first degree... anyways really smooth beat, it affects my cerebellum the way bee's do honey, sweet! peace.