Light It Up

So I’m back, and this time with a more celebratory and enthusiastic piano instrumental. This go ’round you’ll hear even more fireworks, but used in a different way.

I liked the idea of a cheering crowd celebrating with the fireworks in the background, so I went ahead and used those throughout this song.

Along with the celebration effects, you’ll hear a steady piano, some guitars, a few horns, and some other goodies. The drums are rolling and steady, and very hip hop.

Very deep bass which I hope was mixed in there well enough. I had to go back and adjust the levels a few times, so I hope it sounds ok on your end.

I hope you enjoy!

Hip Hop RapAcoustic Piano Electric Guitar Horns Sound FX SynthBright Encouraging Enthusiastic Happy Heartfelt Hopeful Optimistic Cheerful Festive Fun90-99 bpm
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