Quite a lazy guitar song this is. The song builds up and continuously adds instruments until it finally comes to an end.

This one is fairly short and to the point. I think this is rock.


Rock CountryAcoustic Piano Bass Guitar Electric Guitar Live Drums OrganSophisticated Lazy120-129 bpm
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  • Ramirez Benedict 3 months ago
    question' are you the only one who's composing, recording this stuff? its so Amazing were in fact I hear these type of melody of yours for Free? haha. Remarkably Incredible. and btw are your thumbnails also original of yours?
  • Just Robby 1 year ago
    Hay is this free
  • CashiousDray 3 years ago
    You out did yourself hear my friend. Bravo
  • VeryDogeWow 3 years ago
    So beautiful! :)