Je ne suis pas mort

I’ve always liked this Barenaked Ladies song. One day I tried to remake an instrumental version of it. In a hip hop sort of way.

It’s simple and doesn’t have nearly as many variations as the original song, but it’s acoustic and it’s hip hop. So that counts for something.

Maybe it’s useful for someone out there. Enjoy.

Sample Info:
Recording: Pinch Me
Release Year: 2000

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  • I thought this was great, I'm a big fan of the original song! Do you have other similar songs?

    I used this in one of my fishing videos, hopefully that's cool with you. I'll make sure to list your channel!
  • DADDY O 2 years ago
    i'm french singer and i love it. can i use?
  • i love ilt 😉👌✌
  • Which language is the title?
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