Incredible MC's

Incredible MCs

(4.5/5 stars)
Right Beat Radio Incredible MCs

A straight-forward underground hip hop beat with a familiar sample and a hard-hitting breakbeat.

If you’re familiar with my music, you may recognize the break that I used.

Nothing too extreme, just a few filters in there.

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Niko Fresko 2 years ago
Yo M!ke this beat is amazing. I think you should turn the bass a little bit louder!
Bless from Germany and it is nice to listen your new work bro. You're the best! 
Iam the incredible MC, let them kind beat coming and you'll see, I enter that music just like a motherfuckin' VIP!
LoL good shit bro
SpleenMusic 2 years ago
It's possible to use insturmental for my album ? Hip Hop album please ? 
Bests regards
Lobo Senior 2 years ago
Kidz in the hall- wheels fall off. I love this beat. Good idea slowing down the tempo
AssCandid 2 years ago
modernised this classic for me, id much rather prefer to do something with this beat, very good job!