Incredible MCs

A straight-forward underground hip hop beat with a familiar sample and a hard-hitting breakbeat.

If you’re familiar with my music, you may recognize the break that I used.

Nothing too extreme, just a few filters in there.

Hip Hop Rap Underground Hip HopDrum Break Filtered Bass SampleAggressive Grimy Hard Jazzy Lofi Serious Thuggish90-99 bpm
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  • Ant imations 2 months ago
    What is the drum break from?
  • siege213 5 months ago
  • I know the site is down at the moment but have you guys got an email ?
  • Logan Warren 1 year ago
    yo this shit chill af
  • Niko Fresko 2 years ago
    Yo M!ke this beat is amazing. I think you should turn the bass a little bit louder!
    Bless from Germany and it is nice to listen your new work bro. You're the best! 
  • Iam the incredible MC, let them kind beat coming and you'll see, I enter that music just like a motherfuckin' VIP!
    LoL good shit bro
  • Success Jared 3 years ago
    Not bad at all..
  • SpleenMusic 3 years ago
    It's possible to use insturmental for my album ? Hip Hop album please ? 
    Bests regards
  • So these beats are free and we can use them non profit if we give credit right?
  • Darren Jackson 3 years ago
    For some reason this beat reminds me of being a kid in the 90s
  • NaZu 3 years ago
    Dope! But the download link is not working?
  • Love it! Music for the city!!
  • Lobo Senior 3 years ago
    Kidz in the hall- wheels fall off. I love this beat. Good idea slowing down the tempo
  • AssCandid 3 years ago
    modernised this classic for me, id much rather prefer to do something with this beat, very good job!
  • Snake 3 years ago
    Sounds like till 93 infinity.... AND I LOVE IT :D
  • SoundArtProjekt 3 years ago
    Hello from Germany - I like this song and the beat, very fine hip hop music - nice day
  • Elias Bernal 3 years ago
    i feel like ive been here before
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