Iff You

Hey y’all. I did this purely for fun. No purpose intended, other than a few friends of mine having a friendly battle.

They asked for a quick beat, so I threw one together.

There’s really nothing more to this. It’s repetitive. But we had fun!

Hip Hop Rap Underground Hip Hop FreestyleDJ Scratches Drum Break Filtered Bass Vocals SampleAggressive Hard Powerful Repetitive Serious Simple Thuggish90-99 bpm
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  • RaineTCG 4 weeks ago
    This channel deserves more love and respect
  • AssCandid 1 month ago
    Right beattttttt
  • Lobo Senior 1 month ago
    Never fail never fail never fail... right beat always has the heat love it
  • Alchemy ___ 1 month ago
    is it cool if i use this beat?
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