Heard You On the Radio

Funk that makes you feel good.

Hope you enjoy this one!

Pop Dance FunkAcoustic Piano Bass Guitar Electric Guitar Synth Pad Synth LeadEnthusiastic Funky Happy Upbeat Cheerful Excited Fun Gleeful120-129 bpm
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  • Delvy Reynoso 4 years ago
    great job!! I make music and this beat really catches my attention!  
  • Frank B. 4 years ago
    were you inspired by daft punk making this beat? it has a get lucky kind of vibe with a faster tempo which is pretty cool. Anyways your beats are great man. Good inspiration as always. Peace
  • J Means 4 years ago
    No problem man , keep at it cause you got it dawg
  • Martwan Gunter 4 years ago
    This is amazing
  • Chris Moles 4 years ago
    Could I get a download of it to use for a song I wana do?
  • Altareek Daniels 4 years ago
    You drop new track like i write songs i luv this shit yiy do. Keep them on they toes
  • Chris Moles 4 years ago
    Simply a masterpiece of a beat.
  • J Means 4 years ago
    Unique hip hop and funk beat. Very classic
  • aslaughterzombie 4 years ago
    well done :)
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