Heard You On the Radio

Funk that makes you feel good.

Hope you enjoy this one!

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  • Delvy Reynoso 4 years ago
    great job!! I make music and this beat really catches my attention!  
  • Frank B. 4 years ago
    were you inspired by daft punk making this beat? it has a get lucky kind of vibe with a faster tempo which is pretty cool. Anyways your beats are great man. Good inspiration as always. Peace
  • J Means 4 years ago
    No problem man , keep at it cause you got it dawg
  • Martwan Gunter 4 years ago
    This is amazing
  • Chris Moles 4 years ago
    Could I get a download of it to use for a song I wana do?
  • Altareek Daniels 4 years ago
    You drop new track like i write songs i luv this shit yiy do. Keep them on they toes
  • Chris Moles 4 years ago
    Simply a masterpiece of a beat.
  • J Means 4 years ago
    Unique hip hop and funk beat. Very classic
  • aslaughterzombie 4 years ago
    well done :)
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