Green Lights

Green Lights

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Right Beat Radio Green Lights

On my relaxed thing again. I was playing around with some instruments and this is what I got this time.

This one became an extension of the Red Lights instrumental, as it’s got a similar piano and closely matches the feeling. So I named this Green Lights.

The piano plays the main melody and is filtered in the first half of the verse sections. There is an accordian and a few strings that come in for the hook. Every once in a while you’ll hear a little gate synth with a delay effect on it.

Not crazy about how the drums turned out, but I tried.

Please enjoy and thanks for listening.

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Kope Music 4 years ago
You need a heavy lyricist for this one. Someone that can really command attention and carry this song along. The beat's dope as hell but it's a minimalistic. Is somebody tries to rap with this they better bring it.