Gotta Go

Gotta Go

(4/5 stars)
Right Beat Radio Gotta Go

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(Sound effects help tell the story in the very beginning, middle, and end of the song.)

Seriously though, it’s getting late, I gotta go…

So I get in my car, crank it up and the music starts to play.

I head through the city, on my way back home. The music carries me the entire way as I float through my downtown neighborhood.

I finally arrive safely as the music comes to an end.

I turn the car off, hop out and off I go.

Thanks for listening.

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M. 3 years ago
i like this beat but why is this channel being spammed all over my youtube?
richnin 3 years ago
i totally corrupted ur hook structure tho, it sounded more like a continuous flow to me ALTHOUGH i added a hook anywayz lol.
richnin 3 years ago
i just spent the last 2 hrs writing a very deep and personal song to this masterpiece of music after listening to it. This is the quintessential instrumental to expoooose my sentiments. Gratitude
Right Beat Radio 3 years ago
Hook starts when synth lead comes in. First hook is :22 - :48 Second hook is 1:37 - 2:02 Third hook is 2:52 - 3:17 Last hook is 4:07 - end.