Get Rid of Me

This is the instrumental to our Nas – My Country remix.

I have a sneaky suspicion that it might be a little distorted. If so, please let me know and I’ll correct the issue!

Funky hip hop!

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  • LilRuger347 2 years ago
    Hey Im going to use this beat I love this beat a lot perfect storytelling instrumental. I promise to shout you out because I'm thinking about making a video so I will shout you out.

    All respect for this perfect beat.
  • jody rule 3 years ago
    beats like this that keep me wanting to be a rapper at 35 lol...
    u wanna know  bout dreams pmsl... 
    songwriting is just the gift and conviction. 
    the dream was always to learn to rap n be respected for it. 
    never ever be able to explain the horrid feeling i get when ive just written fresh bars, they read dope but i start to flow and well i dont.... haa #facingfacts  

  • jody rule 3 years ago
  • Shotty Cans 3 years ago
    thats tight
  • Second
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