Fresh Eyes

I did this specifically as an introduction track. The idea actually came from me messing around with some Biggie interview recordings, laying those over top of this music.

It’s a pretty sad feeling, with a focus on the pianos.

Original sample by Brooke Waggoner.

Sample Info:
Recording: Fresh Pair of Eyes
Release Year: 2007

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  • Hey I hope you see this, but im gonna be working on my music career starting next month, in I would love to use this for my intro, lol I rap
  • Mubeen Ahmed 1 year ago
    Hey! I was wondering if I could use this song for my upcoming documentary that I am doing for a school project. I was think about uploading it on YouTube! I also thought that I could sent it to a local movie festival in MOntreal where I live. If I have your permission to use this song, I will put the name of the song and the writer in the credits of my documentary and as well give them a ''shoutout', in the description of the video on YouTube.
  • Tristan Trust 3 years ago
    I listen to this on loop
  • Michael j Marley 3 years ago
    i made a song with this beat if anybody wants to check it out, its on my page "Michael J - i Wonder" .. all feedback is appreciated good or bad.
  • AssCandid 3 years ago
  • jody rule 3 years ago
    eautiful piece bro! not wrote to your stuff in a long time. still my favorite composer/ beat maker by far. in awe 

    Found th first email you ever sent, like 3 yrs ago to me. asking for my email, and i still hope that we get to work together on something. I have so many sets of lyrics for so many of your pieces of work And so much i cant get out my head in general... one day eh ;) 
    Anywy i thank you for your inspiration brother... hope hope the big pond dont get in the way forever. working with yous on my bucket list for sure next to will i am and ariana grande (pwetty lady lol) and lionel richie. ha blessed
  • Patrick Lopez 3 years ago
    Another Gem
  • Illicit Records 3 years ago
    hey my label and i does punk rock and i've noticed your punk rock instrumentals are rockin! could you please make more

    Email me @ [email protected]
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