Folk Love

Here’s what I consider an Indie Acoustic Folk song, but feel free to consider it whatever sub-genre you think it falls under.

This is actually an instrumental that I submitted, along with another similar acoustic song, for a film opportunity, which I was not selected for. So I decided to share the song with you all.

The video is made up of lots of quotes about love. I hope you like them.

As always, thank you so much for listening!

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  • arianna palacios 3 months ago
    Hello I'm a student at Sweetwater High School in control of my school plays sound system and I was wondering if we can use this videos sound. Thank you for your time sincerely Arianna.
  • Amazing Beat man.
  • Leigh Apple 1 year ago
    i want to use this in my wedding video but i dont know how to save it on my computer so i can add it i to the video editing program? any ideas?
  • SW|Present 2 years ago
  • INoLonger 2 years ago
    May my friend and I use this for a track?
  • Sir, may I use this song for my product commercial? I'd love to give credits. Thanks!
  • Emilly Silva 3 years ago
    Hi there, really liked your track. Can I buy it somewhere? Or get a link to download it legally?
  • Czarhia Gibson 3 years ago
    May I use this to sing along to? I will credit you:)
  • Nohe Acosta 4 years ago
    can be used to make a song
  • jody rule 4 years ago
    Anyone interested in feedbacking my work in progress with this superb track can do so by, searching for jodyrule on either soundcloud or reverbnation its called hey how r you
  • jody rule 4 years ago
    check out soundcloud search jodyrule
  • jody rule 4 years ago
    how do i video post? idea here ;)
  • Clen Narvaez 4 years ago
    Excelente trabajo hermano!
  • AdvanceEdits 4 years ago
    dude. your beats are amazing nice work and keep going :D greetings from Chile
  • Right Beat Radio 4 years ago
    Cool thanks :)
  • Right Beat Radio 4 years ago
    Thank you so much!
  • Right Beat Radio 4 years ago
    That would be great man. I'm all for any ideas any of you want to share with me. I feed off of your ideas and your energy.
  • NoBreakz 4 years ago
    nice :)
  • Anna Lilica 4 years ago
    Amazing! ^^
  • jody rule 4 years ago
    ok so guys, with mikes blessing i hope, i have written a decent hook for this and wonder if anyone would join me if i lay my vocal. Join me speak chattin, spittin in between to the same topic if i write the words up... i will video response my result and if mike like then i ask that he gives permission to further it on. jus a ty for his work, be nice for us all to join inn purely for the love of music n hiswork? thoughts?
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