Feels So Good

This is a dark and stormy instrumental. It is a fairly simple beat with a very dramatic drum line.

I finally finished this beat and it sounded great, but it was still missing something. So I added the thunderstorm effects at the last minute. I think it gives it a ton of feeling so I hope you like.

Thanks for listening.

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  • Adeola Osho 5 years ago
    Totally inspired x
  • Bro, you are a fucking dope beat producer man! I already Subbed man, Is it chill with u if I can use like a lot of ur beats like maybe 5? or more for a mixtape? Full credit goes to u bro! Trust I wont pull some snake shit bro
  • Right Beat Radio 5 years ago
    Cool, absolutely do it! And thanks for lettin' me know! :)
  • Right Beat Radio 5 years ago
    Thank you, glad you like! Sure no problem!
  • Right Beat Radio 5 years ago
    Thanks :)
  • App Store 5 years ago
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  • Mayan Ransom 5 years ago
    I just fell for this beat, already got the song. this completes it. Can i use it dude? be much appreciated
  • M_a_c_22 5 years ago
    I really like this sounds like these just makes me want to write & rap if you get a chance can you check out my material of music & let me know what you think of it
  • Right Beat Radio 5 years ago
    @checogarcia100 thank you very much!
  • Right Beat Radio 5 years ago
    @GDTV222 I'm thinkin...lol. It sorta looks like him. Thanks man :)
  • Right Beat Radio 5 years ago
    @LadyOfWordz thanks, Lady!
  • LadyOfWordz 5 years ago
  • GDTV222 5 years ago
    slender man? Very nice beat
  • checogarcia100 5 years ago
    mas que perfecta <3
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