Feels Like Forever

Feels Like Forever

(4.5/5 stars)
Right Beat Radio Feels Like Forever

The guitars used were a part of a FL Studio demo project. I simply chopped a piece of the original guitar riff, arrange them and built a hip hop beat around them.

Vocals were also a part of a demo project included with FL Studio. Enjoy.

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2k11ro 1 year ago
man I wrote a crazy song to this beat recorded it and everything...my only question is if I wanted to put this on the radio what would I have to do?
Indie Puppet 2 years ago
i am happy the voice is in there!!!!!!!!! ive made lyrics XDDDDDDDDDD im so happppppppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
gta .playboy 2 years ago
you know i'am beach guy talk to me girl i know you need me now i'am lonely as you tear write to steel i'am new i see beauty like snow
EZEE KEYS 2 years ago
sounds cool but the guitar and vocals are from aren't you clever witch is a sample project that comes with FLS basically all you did was cut her voice and add kicks and claps, im not knockin you but maybe you should give the original artist a little bit of credit
Mason Scott 2 years ago
That guitar loop is in FL Studio. Fkin impossible to loop properly, and get to swag with the right BPM - GJ
Karma Blithe 2 years ago
Does anyone have the guitar chords for this beat? I can't wait to play this <333
Roche De Bruyn 3 years ago
Thanx for helping our band we did a rap collaboration with your song check it out Crossbone Sirens. We were inspired by you and yr music
bigandred2009 3 years ago
Hey Mike Anthony,

Awesome track right here you really killed it.

I wrote a song to this beat and am really into it. If I uploaded a video of me rapping over the top of it to youtube or showed the audio to others is that alright? I wouldn't be using it for any profit but just to get my lyrics and flow out there.

Hit me back ASAP cheers.

p.s keep up the good work.
Filip Lagerkvist 3 years ago
I've got these samples myself.. someone who made use of them and made a good is russian rapper Max Korzh /watch?v=DovotVh8qUk
DemoDog502 3 years ago

Really diggin' this track, man. Is it available for purchase? Hit me back!