Fast Life

Fast Life

(3.5/5 stars)
Right Beat Radio Fast Life

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This instrumental is track #5 from the ACID beat tape.

A hard jazz and hip hop blend.


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Antonio Moorer 3 years ago
this sounds like it could have been on an late 90s NBA video game lol.. cool music my son
Right Beat Radio 3 years ago
Oh yeah man. I got another one I'd like to post after this from the same beat tape. It's truly some spoken word kind of thing. Thanks so much.
Right Beat Radio 3 years ago
No worries, music is a universal language. If it sounds good to you, then that's what matters! Thank you! :)
Dapan music 3 years ago
Incroyable! C'est pas vraiment mon style de musique, mais les instruments on l'air tellement vrais.. !:) Continuez en tout cas! - Multimix.