Fall Love

Something I messed around with for a while. I kinda like this. It’s really mellow, nice music to listen to.

The video is a bunch of trees. (lol)

Tell me what you think.

And as always, enjoy.

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  • Resa Swork 7 months ago
    Very expressive of the mood!
  • Niko Fresko 7 months ago
    Glad to see that you're back bro. Bless from Germany and nice tunes here, as always!
  • Alchemy ___ 7 months ago
    I could vibe to this beat 24/7 😎😎
  • JAMbosco 7 months ago
    Loving it chilling me out with all that trees with that sound amazing! Things come to you in right time, needed this right now thank you!
  • ZINER BIG Oficial 7 months ago
    me gusto mucho bro 👌 free use ?
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