Every Day is the Same Thing

I’m back on my acoustic hip hop thing. There’s, of course, an acoustic guitar, along with an electric guitar and a synth lead later on in the song.

The drums are fairly simple, which I think compliments the rhythm of the guitar.

I also threw a few 808’s in there for you, so I hope the low end doesn’t overpower the rest of the instruments!

I hope you enjoy.

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  • Maysun 1 year ago
    can I use this for a song. I will totally give u credits on the beat and have a link to your site.
  • Its so goooooooooooooooooood!
  • paul onwuachi 2 years ago
    Please I'm i allowed to use this instrumental to wright a song i just love it...MPiece
  • Gabriel Salazar 2 years ago
    es de uso libre ???
  • King Zody 2 years ago
    Hey I just purchased a WAV format of the beat from your website and have not received it yet.
  • Zody Fresh 2 years ago
    I want to buy a lease to this, I am an artist writing a song for my 10 yr high school reunion
  • paul onwuachi 2 years ago
    Hi my name is MPiece great work wud love to flow to this beat who sud i give credit to and where do i get the mp3...cheers
  • zamora kenya 3 years ago
    here is a number i did with the beat for my non profitable mixtape, please listen and share  https://soundcloud.com/lnx254/cant-hold-me-back-lnx-music?in=lnx254/sets/lolathemixtape-ltm @lnx_music
  • Buddy Dimes 3 years ago
    How is this beta set up? like chorus verse chorus or what? its a great beat but its hard to tell.
  • Kushan Naresh 3 years ago
    What are the chords used
  • Maya Wooley 3 years ago
  • TheKyleStyles 3 years ago
    Quick Question -- If I have purchased this on your website, and given credit.. is putting the track on iTunes allowed? 
  • ScrapdTV 4 years ago
    Good beat, im looking to do a song to this is there anyway you could email the mp3? As if i convert the quality of the beat is affected? Thank you
  • Jessie Ortiz 4 years ago
    Best beat I heard on here in a longggg time....Great work!!!!
  • very !!! good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    my voice recording do again~
  • timmertjeee 4 years ago
    Your work is appreciated.
    keep it going ! Bless From a Lonely Smoker in Amsterdam
  • BCB Messi 4 years ago
    bonjour je suis très bien intéresser par l’instrumental   j'aimerais bien  chanter déçue si tu le veux bien ? 
  • RookE2011 4 years ago
    Could I please use this? I don't know when but I promise I'll give you credit
  • Kenosis 4 years ago
    this is the reason of my subscription ? can we use this dear sir ???
  • Joonmo Yang 4 years ago
    i love dis beat & im like keep listening dis more than 3 times lol
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