Drop a Jewel On Em

Drop a Jewel On Em

(5/5 stars)
Right Beat Radio Drop a Jewel On Em

A simple, straightforward, yet classic approach to underground hip hop. Not much else going on, only audible goodness.

This beat was originally made for Mobb Deep. Enjoy.

Photography by On the Real – New York City.

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Mike Burners 2 years ago
Mike I just sent you something for this. Gonna hit the studio with this one. New it was fire when my kids came in the room and was like "daddy i like this one!" lmao.
lmk wat u think. "drop a jewel on em', fuck it drop a few on em'/give me a few beats to see wat i do on em'.........."a heart condition way too much heart man/been fast from the start man, u slower than cartman/...........i'm back home, got new york on my back/like lebron with the cavs he put cleveland on the map/........few bars this one is crazy!!!
Esaem 2 years ago
great work, please make more vocalbeats, they sound so nice