A very dreamy electric guitar, synth and bells instrumental.

Please enjoy and thanks for listening.

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  • Moshe Bildner 4 years ago
    This is going on my code-so-hard playlist
  • Lenn Will 5 years ago
    Inspiring as always.
  • Kyshawna A 5 years ago
    Do you have a mixtape coming with all your beats? Like a compilation of the ones that have had the most feedback or views?
  • BlazeAndNemesis 5 years ago
    All of your beats are great
  • MeridenCtTv 5 years ago
    Alright I really appreciate you getting back to me, I'm going to be jumping from video to video asking the same question though so don't be annoyed lol.
  • Right Beat Radio 5 years ago
    Hey man, well that's a good question actually. I should probably add that info to each beat. Anyway, this is original. For now you'll have to just ask me if you're unsure, but for the most part - the majority of these beats are all original. When in doubt, please ask me! Thanks man
  • MeridenCtTv 5 years ago
    Since I'm working on the album we talked about, how do I figure out which ones or your beats are sampled and which one are originally composed? Does the description say when all beats are sampled or not?
  • KIDWIT574 5 years ago
    What up @rightbeatradio its OG, im diggin this man...good shit!
  • mehdi11 5 years ago
    This is so sick
  • alvin quarshie 5 years ago
    nice shitt mehn
  • Amazing beat!
  • jessejoeyjames 5 years ago
    Love the rythm in this one, great one man ;)
  • not Khaalid hart 5 years ago
    This is the fourth comment fact
  • not Khaalid hart 5 years ago
    Sounds great
  • AuspiceOfficial 5 years ago
    Another awesome instrumental.
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