Dont Let Go

What a dreamy Sunday this has been.

Something simple for you. Wurlitzer electric piano, juno synth pad, electric guitar, and other good stuff.

Relax and I hope you enjoy.

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  • Brandon Roots 2 years ago
    Live. That's a feeling a beat can't give you.
  • Jody Rule 3 years ago
    At a gig now answer proper later... But ty!
  • Mike Burners 3 years ago
    this one is #TIGHT #salute
  • Mike Burners 3 years ago
    Wait till you see what I do with this one Mike. Hope the fam is good bruh but damn im feeling this one. #backatit
  • Jody Rule 3 years ago
    Ps tips on beat making welcome with thanks
  • Jody Rule 3 years ago
    Hey Bro. [email protected]
    I have done an acoustic track with the words inspired by thus track.

    Though it I'd like to try stoll put them tour track.
    Title don't you let go :-)
    Merry Christmas n ty for the inspiration as ever... Lots of new beats too as I'm trying your skill out.
  • juarez3ugr 3 years ago
    Interesting. Nice
  • SoundArtProjekt 3 years ago
    Hi from Germany - very great Instrumental Song - I like this Piano Sound - great Play & Beats - nice day
  • Jody Rule 3 years ago
    Bu the time I finished listening fir third time I finished lyrics. Two verse a pre n a hook. And room for bars if someone wanted. Just ask for my lyrics, with a link to ur works ladies n reply in bar firm to my writing... I'm telling u b sick. On theme of not letting go n love. From me to who? Blessed
  • Jody Rule 3 years ago
    Just wrote to this. Would u send me a copy privately Bro il send it u once vocal melody works n keep it private
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