Come Closer

Come Closer

(4/5 stars)
Right Beat Radio Come Closer

This is a little different. It’s a very simple beat with a synth pad, a piano and some bass. There’s a change in the drums during the verse and hook sections. There are also male vocals in the hook. The lyrics are below.

You should come on over
Come a little closer
Take away my misery
Show me dark fantasies

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jmj0817 4 years ago
SIck dude, Interesting how people put there own styles to the same beat. Check it out.
jmj0817 4 years ago
So sick not really a rapper just for fun but i put a verse on this track. Thought you might want to hear. Anyway let me know Or reply to this comment or something. Later
Honda PreludeBB6 4 years ago
hey mike!! I really like the new stuff!!! It's Awesome!!! I swear!! This beat is Great!!! one of your best!!!! Keep it up my friend!!